Ok. Here is my first blog post

This post is using gatsby and react markdown formatter to create / display pages.
I also use tailwindcss to design my first blog. This is a good shit here. Next thing will be webmentions!!!

March 09, 2020
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Kicks Condor - 27/03/2020
Heya - don’t have much to say. Just wanted to hit your mentions and see if they work. It was very good to meet you today. I actually just saw the link you shared. Keep it up.
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Checkmention XSS test - 15/03/2020
Clicking this should not cause an alert. This div should not alert. Try clicking this link &<script>alert("encoded-xss")&</script> and this too. Mouse over this should not cause an alert. This broken should not throw an alert. Neither should . Please look at the Owasp XSS prevention cheat sheet for more information.
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Jonathan Ive - 15/03/2020
I love the way your site looks, though I'm not really the Jony Ive. How easy is it for someone to discover the real author of this note? Please also check that the links in this note have no rel="me" attribute on them.
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Checkmention - 15/03/2020
Congratulations! You've successfully handled a webmentioned note.
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Does clicking me alert? - 15/03/2020
This test embeds XSS within the hcard name and time field. Clicking on the name or title should not raise an alert.
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Webmention Rocks! - 12/03/2020
This test verifies that you accept a Webmention request that contains a valid source and target URL. To pass this test, your Webmention endpoint must return either HTTP 200, 201 or 202 along with the appropriate headers. If your endpoint returns HTTP 201, then it MUST also return a Location header. If it returns HTTP 200 or 202, then it MUST NOT include a Location header.

Bu site webmention destekler. / This website supports webmentions.